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Is Isabella your planner?

Do you dream about a high-quality wedding with an extra touch and love the idea of your wedding but you need help to understand how to get there.

You believe that the design of your wedding is important, and you want the entire vendor team to have already been quality-assured. So you can just enjoy the biggest day of your life!

Then I am the planner for you!

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If you plan your wedding with us, you will always work with me, Isabella.

You can trust that you will not be provided with a different project manager, coordinator, or assistant. There will be more people involved in our team, of course. But your overall communication will always be with me.

When you hire a wedding planner, what you really buy is trust, trust that someone can put together the wedding of your dreams. And it's crucial for me that you can trust us through the whole process and know that we always make decisions with your best in mind. Actually, our entire business relies on it.

As a planner, I am organized and systematic, and as a wedding designer, I love to create something special for you with a personal touch that tells your story. I love going into the details but always have the overall picture in mind.


Others have described our design style as Scandinavian elegance - a minimal, clean approach combined with classical charm.

When working with design concepts, we always think about being cohesive and select all details thoughtfully. Everyone can recognize something beautiful, but we are experts in creating the perfect balance that makes all the elements work in your favor.

During the design phase, we will help you take your ideas and use our experiences to create the vision to come to life. During the process, you will get mood boards with all the visual elements of your wedding, from the color palette, textures, and typography, to custom mockups with different options for the ceremony and reception to help you envision your wedding designs as clearly as possible.


It's always on your terms

We can communicate how you prefer. Are you a meeting-in-person kind of person? Let's do that. Emails and text message is more your style? That works too.

We will communicate in a way that makes sense to you and that suits your lifestyle. However, we have a platform that we work in where you easy can access your timeline, budget, guest count, layout, etc.

We want to give you full access to our planning and work transparently. But we don't expect you to check the platform. When we need answers from you to move to the next step, we will let you know.


I am very proud that we, over the years, have created relationships with the most insanely talented creatives.

I can promise that Isabellas Event will always select your wedding vendors with your best in our interest and will place you with the best-suited vendors to exceed your expectations.

As you may understand, it takes a lot to promise that, and therefore we take the creation of your wedding team very seriously!

If you have a vendor that you want to bring into the planning, that's amazing! We love working with talented people, but before we can welcome them to the team, we will evaluate their business process to ensure they are a good fit. Everyone involved in this process must share our values, be committed to excellence, and meet our service standards.

Let's work together!