What´s your investment?


I understand that you might wonder what a wedding cost. The truth is; that it depends on your wishes and how you envision your wedding. Your total wedding budget will depend on location, days of celebration, the number of guests, production, floral design, and entertainment, to mention a few.

To give you an estimate, Isabellas Event typical couples spend about
10k -20k SEK per guest.
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What you get when you invest well in your wedding

Your wedding day deserves to be the best possible experience.

A wedding is one of the most significant investments you make in your life. It comes second place right after buying a house or a car. So we don't need to say that it is a big deal.

A wedding is not only a day but memories that will forever be a part of your history and legacy. And your wedding starts from the first day of planning.

We want you to feel secure and calm during the entire process so that you can relax and be in the moment with complete trust in your team on the actual day.

Our job is also to ensure that you get the best quality possible and spend your budget in a way where you get the most out of your spent money. We have helped over 50 couples to get their dream wedding come true, and we take every wedding as an opportunity to create the best wedding we have ever produced.

Clients Journal

Here is a breakdown of the process with our clients and how to get started with your wedding.

We think about cohesive and thoughtfully selecting details when working with new couples. Everything at your wedding should tailor around you, and to be able to do that, we need to get to know you. We are experts in creating the perfect balance of Scandinavian elegance and classical charm.

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Solveig & Jan

The colorful love saga

See Solveig and Jan Erik's colorful two-day celebration from this significant estate close to Stockholm. This colorful wedding included a welcome party, party lunch, ceremony, and reception.

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Dalja & Mohamed

The flowery romance

See Dalja and Mohameds classic romantic wedding day. If you love flowers, this is the wedding to get inspired by. With a soft and elegant color palette, this wedding became one for the books.

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An intimate wedding at the beautiful Kronovall Castle. Chunshi and Axel invited their closest friends and family to their whimsical lush wedding.

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What does Isabellas Event cost?

Working with a full service wedding planner is an investment in your wedding.

Your pricing will always be customized based on the scope of work that needs to be done and includes an engagement fee, a design fee, and a production management fee. During 2024 our pricing start from 100 000 sek.

We will provide you with a proposal before starting working together, and as long as we stay in the same scope of work, the costs won't change. Isabellas Event work with a limited number of clients each year, and our business idea is that you should feel like our only client. 

Producing a wedding is a big investment, so it's essential to discuss the numbers transparently. 

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When should we hire a wedding planner?


I usually get booked 12-18 months before the wedding, and since we only cater to 8 couples a year, the sooner, the better. But always feel free to reach out to us. Our team has experience putting together a perfectly planned wedding in only four months. 

Why should we hire a wedding planner?


I know we live in a busy time, and I bet that you are busy people. Of course, you should get the day you dream about, without worrying about getting all the details right. or spending unnecessary money because it is your first time planning a wedding. A full-service planner will offer you insights and build the best team that will care about your wedding outcome as much as you will. Getting a wedding planner is an investment for your future memories.

How much will this cost?


There is a lot to take into consideration to be able to give a proposal for a wedding. Therefore we need as much information as possible to provide you with an offer. Please book a meeting, and let's have a chat! But to give you an idea, our couples generally spend about 10 000 - 20 000 SEK per guest on their wedding.

Do you take international


Of course, I've had the privilege to have many international couples and vendors and know how to work around different time zones. My international clients usually find it helpful to have someone on sight to be their spokesperson who shares the same vision as them. 

We have already booked
some vendors. Can we
still hire you?


The sooner you book your planner, the better. I have handpicked my team with some of the finest vendors in Europe to ensure you an Isabellas Event quality, which is essential to me. Therefore I need to know who I'm working with. However, if you have booked a vendor, please still reach out and tell me who they are. Maybe they are someone I trust and love.